Mobile screens Capacitive

Increasingly, manufacturers of mobile phones that combine the idea of manufacturing mobile capacitive screens, a clear example is that Samsung already has mobile capacitive touch screens or the LG KF750 Secret also has this type of display.

The manufacturer who would be ready to join Nokia since according to information managed by some sources that placed an order for two million of these types of screens. According to Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes Nokia to be launched mid this year a similar model to 5800 XpressMusic but has a capacitive touchscreen.

Will the future of all phones come with a capacitive screen? It is difficult to answer because it is not a simple change although we assume that most manufacturers assume this challenge. Capacitive screens now have a number of drawbacks, one of them is precisely because there are interfaces that have very small icons that clearly are easier to select with a pointer to the finger, on the other capacitive screens are more intuitive to use, no need to pressure and give an impression of speed.

Thus, due to the graphical interface used by many mobile manufacturers do not make this change. For now we will have to wait for improvement of the graphical interfaces of mobile phones that take this type of screen that is to create screens multitáctiles.

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